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Irene García Losquiño

María Zambrano de la Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

Tel. 881 811 000

My research career has been defined by strong interdisciplinary interests and a fully international trajectory that has taken me from Alicante to Galicia via Scotland, Germany, the United States and Sweden. During my PhD at the University of Aberdeen's Centre for Scandinavian Studies, I focused on early medieval historical linguistics, which had already become a passion during my Masters in Medieval Studies at the same university. My PhD dealt specifically with dialectal variation in a set of runic inscriptions from the first five centuries CE and benefited greatly from my two-year stay as a guest researcher at the University of Tübingen and a shorter research stay at the University of Uppsala. That PhD thesis was granted a prize for excellence in research by the Royal Gustavus Adolphus Academy of Sweden, and was later transformed into a book, The Early Runic Inscriptions: Their Western Features (Peter Lang, 2015).

During and after my PhD, I lectured at the University of Aberdeen on an array of subjects, including Celtic Studies, Medieval History and, after I became a Teaching Fellow, postgraduate courses on Place-Names and Runology. It was during my time as a guest postdoctoral researcher at the University of Notre Dame (USA) that I designed a new research project which would form the basis of my postdoctoral career: an interdisciplinary study of viking contact with medieval Iberia.

Since then, I have published on many different aspects of the viking presence in Iberia, above all in Galicia but also in other areas like around Seville and Alicante. During my postdoctoral Bernadotte Fellowship in the Onomastics Department at the University of Uppsala, I produced innovative research on toponymic approaches to viking-Iberian interaction, specifically regarding a type of potential hydronym found in Galicia. For the last few years, and during my time lecturing at University of Alicante, where I led a popular Viking Studies Seminar, I have been combining toponymy, archaeology and historical documents to examine more closely viking camps and local responses to viking presence.

As a postdoctoral researcher at USC, I will be undertaking a new, more comparative project entitled ‘Mobile Societies at the Margins of the Viking World.’ In this project, I will investigate the interaction of Scandinavians settling temporarily and for longer terms in areas marginal to the viking world—areas with very little Scandinavian presence—with the local toponymic and archaeological landscape. In particular, I will compare the case of Galicia with certain areas of Scotland like the North-East or the Borders.

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