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Sagesse, poésie et matière de Troie au XIe siècle

Troianalexandrina ven de publicar o número 19, que nesta ocasión está adicado a Troie en Europe au Moyen Âge. D'un imaginaire l'autre, d'une langue l'autre: II - Troy in Medieval Europe. From one Language to another, from one Culture to another.

Os editores, C. Croizy-Naquet, A. Rochebouet e F. Tanniou, encargaron a Helena de Carlos o artículo titulado "Sagesse, poésie et matière de Troie au XIe siècle".


During the eleventh century, as attested by the poetics of Godfried of Rheims or by the anonymous poem De nuptiis, poetry was considered as the supreme way of knowledge, as it was the case in certain milieus throughout the Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. In this regard, thte matter of Troy was elevated to the highest poetic rank and those poets dealing with the Trojan imaginary are seen as "alter Homerus" or "alter Orpheus", that is, representatives of the supreme wisdom.

Cómo citar esta publicación:

Helena de Carlos. 2019. Sagesse, poésie et matière de Troie au XIe siècle. Troianalexandrina 19: 235-254. ISBN 978-2-503-58313-6

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